Google Launches Android P OS, Will run in these smartphones


Google Launches Android P OS


  • The update will see its final release in Q3 2018
  • Only Pixel phones and Android Emulator are officially supported for now
  • It brings a ton of new features and security fixes

Google has launched its Android P OS in time. It’s like a big surprise for users.

Android P

There are still many features to be added in this OS before the users are available to users. But still it looks like Android P is not going to come with any big updates. This OS is now available for developers preview.

You can do this using the new OS

Even though big updates have not yet been seen in this OS. Yet there are many such editions made in Android P, which you may like. Before you become available to users, you can use the new OS in this way.

Can be used in pixels and pixels -2

This OS can be used on pixels and pixels 2 smartphones. It is very common that Android users would like to experience this when the new OS arrives. But let us tell you that Android P is not ready for public use. It would be better if it was used only on developer devices. If we use it in a phone, which we keep with us every day, we will not get a good experience.

If you still want to preview the Android P, then you have to follow a process for this. First of all, you need ADB and Flash boot on your computer. From your OS, you can see online tutorials for compatible ADB and Flash boot. Once these two things come to your computer, after that you start the terminal and type adb devices.

  • Find the pixels in the list and go to the About Phone in the Settings app of your device. After that tap the build number until the developer option pops up.
  • Then start USB debugging. Keep in mind, this will delete all data on your device and reset the phone to factory settings.
  • The last step is the most difficult. First you have to go to the site of Android Developers. After this, download the right Android P developer preview image for your device.
  • Now connect your device to Fast boot mode and connect it to your computer. After that, where you have downloaded the Android P developer preview image, open the command prompt.
  • Now use the cd command and use the file name as a directory and go to the fasori image. After this, give the adb device command and type “flash-all” to fit your device.
  • To move the phone back to Oreo, follow these steps with theOreo factory image.

Your phone may be harmed if you do not do it properly.

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