Google launches new feature ‘Symptom Search’ for medical


Google launches new feature
Symptom Search


On being sick in India, people go to the doctor later and on Google, they are seeking information about that disease first. Considering the same habit of Indians, search engine giant Google has brought a new app. The name of the company is named Health Symbol Search. With this help, Indians will be able to get better health related information on their mobile phones.

According to the news, the company has started this feature with the team of Apollo Hospitals doctors team. Google will also be able to get information on symptoms from the most commonly discovered illness in this feature. For example, when a user searches through cough and pain, he will get information related to infection in general cold, bronchitis, flu, pneumonia and chest.

Similarly, this app will show digital card for headache, which will provide information related to headache, symptoms and treatment that can be done by itself. It will also tell you when she has to go to the doctor. This app is currently only available in Hindi and English.

App Apollo’s Joint Managing Director said that this is an important trend and we are happy that our partnership in Google has come from it. We always try to use most of the technology here. With the help of this new app, we want to give quality healthcare information to millions of Indians.

However, Google has said that the samples given in this application are for information only, that any person should meet his doctor before acting on any matter.

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