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If you want to go anywhere, it is becoming easier to find and access the location through Google Maps. In order to further improve this experience, Google has released another new feature for accurate information about any location. The name of this new feature of Google is ‘Plus Codes’. With the help of this feature, users will now get more accurate information about any location.

In fact, a new feature has been added by ‘Plus Codes’ to easily find any location on Google Map. Google will release a separate code for each location in this feature so that any location can be easily searchable.

  • Will work like this ‘plus codes’

Google will release a separate code for every location. When users search for a location on Google Map, they will have to search the name of that city along with the code. After that it will appear on Google Map.

  • Smartphone and PC will play both

Special codes used for any location information will be called ‘plus code’. The ‘plus code’ will include 6 characters. These codes have to be used with the name of the city. Users will be able to share this code to search any location. Simultaneously, this code can be shared to search the location. Google’s new feature will feature both desktop and smartphone platforms.

  • Sport will feature 6 new languages

Voice navigation services in Google Maps are now available in 6 different languages. Passed into these 6 languages, Kannada, Bengali, Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu languages ​​have been included.

Earlier on 10 March Google gave a special gift to the fans on the occasion of ‘Mario de’, where Mario will now tell you the route on Google Maps. Google has tied up with Nintendo, a Mario game maker. Due to the partnership between the two companies, Mario will now show you the way on Google Maps. This new feature can be enjoyed by both the Android and iOS users.

Before you used Google Maps for navigation, you would see a moving arrow on your phone’s screen. Now instead of this arrow you will see Mario sitting in his car, who will decide the path along with you.

How to use feature

To see Mario on Google Maps, you need to update your map. After this, when you place the destination plan and you will see a sign of a sign, exactly like ‘?’ Mario mode will activate after clicking on this mark. After this you will have to go there on your Google map as well as Mario. Mario Mode has started on March 10 from March 10, which will run for 7 days.

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