What is Google search Encrypted: It’s benefits


Google search Encrypted

Google is smart- i hope you agreed with me 🙂

We use google search services in daily base anytime,anywhere for anything.
most of people we travel for business or personal trips. while using public network and hotel or guest house internet bandwidth its risky because of prying eyes or some hacker may stole your information such as browser history-password-personal information.

google as well facebook both faced heavy privacy challenge each day.

still in google encrypted our date is not 100% secure (because hacker are smart too)but it has benefits for individuals and businesses to ensure sensitive information is not exposed.
it beta version only works with the core search functionality–not Images, or Videos, or Maps, etc that’s why they not share any official announcement.we hope once google analysis bugs and give more better privacy security.

Global cyberattack


When you search with https://, the secured channel helps protect your search terms and your search results pages from being intercepted by a third party on your network.

No autofill:

When some one searches through Google encrypted search, it is not archived in history, which means it won’t be appearing in the autofill while you search another time.

Increased Ranking:

These days, most of the sites on the first page of Google are HTTPS, since Google prefers them over the other. They want to ensure the best user experience for their customers. In case if your site isn’t secure, it could be getting outranked by similar sites.

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