10 Best Google Search Engine Alternative List 2017


Google Search Engine Alternative List 2017


Want more traffic to your website or blog to make it go viral? Then with Google search engine alternatives, you can advantage. Here in this article know the best Google alternative search engines list of 2017, you can use to drive more traffic to your site or blog.

All of you might have heard that Google is a number one search engine.

Well, yes this is absolutely true, the study shows that around 63.9% market use Google search engine.

So it is evident that Google will be the top best search engine for many more years to come.

However, for bloggers and SEO analysts, this is always essential to keep track of the things around them. This is very important when the Google leaves 36.1% of for other search engines.

In such situations, we need to find search engine alternatives to Google. This can direct impact on blogger and their work.

Again let me tell you, besides Google, other search engines also offer millions of user queries to the user on a daily basis. Thus, there are lots of search engines out there that can serve you both as a website owner (regarding generating traffic and revenue) or as a user.

Read this article Top 3 tricks to optimize blog post to improve search engine ranking to maximize your blog traffic. So, now this is time for best popular search engines of 2017, which are like Google.

10 Best Google Search Engine Alternatives 2017

#1. Bing

While Google rules the world of online searches, Bing still has a good hold in the online market.

Microsoft typically owns Bing, that is a second largest search engine. Overall 20.7%. Over 10-15% of United States’ searches are performed on Bing search engine.

This search engine is the best alternative to Google and has few unique features. One of its features lets you see each of the IP addresses linked to a domain.

Talking about its homepage, it modifies daily with the super high-quality pictures. Like Google, this search engine also began providing direct results to various types of queries such as calculations, tracking, conversions, sporting, etc.

#2. Yahoo!

A portion of online users still prefers this search engine Yahoo for their daily search queries. I can say yahoo can be the ethical search engine alternative to Google.
Yahoo is not just only search engine but this is also a news aggregator, an email box, a shopping center, a travel directory, games center, and a horoscope, and a lot more.

Furthermore, since MSN completely powers Yahoo, it has managed to offer its users at least 38 different languages to work with. This even now the official search engine for browser likes Mozilla Firefox.

One of the exciting offers by this search engine is its Yahoo answers that provide answers to users’ questions. Since, after the launch of Quora, there has been a huge downfall in activity at Yahoo answers.

Another significant advantage that Yahoo undoubtedly has is that they are at least similar to pictures with Google.

#3. Ask.com

Ask.com originally named as Ask Jeeves which is still around. He is no longer a Wodehousian Butler. However, a computer generated bank manager. Isn’t it weird?
This search engine is still very much the first choice for many users in the USA. It accounts for 3% of the total search market. The superior of search results are still not that much enough to satisfy the searchers.

This average search engine pretending to be a question and answer website, but the ‘Famous Q&A’ search results found on the right-hand side that is very handy if Jeeves himself can’t be able to satisfy the query of the users.

#4. DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo this is very loved search engine by many of the users, especially in China.

There are many reasons.

First, this has a neat and clean interface. And the other great thing is that this search engine never tracks you and your activities. This means surf synonymously so that you can stay private with Duckduckgo.
As this search engine follows the footsteps of Bing, this is another fast growing search engine after Bing.

Since this search engine is not actively holding on any of the personal data of its users, this means, it won’t be able to operate any search results depend on past performance. Therefore providing you a very impartial picture of your complete search.

DuckDuckGo can be the search engine alternative to Google and Bing.

Apart from this DuckDuckGo provides infinite scrolling in a user-friendly manner, so you don’t have to move onto other pages.

#5. Dogpile

Many years ago, Dogpile beat Google as the fast and effective choice for web surfing and searching. But late in 1990’s things changed and this search engine faded into obscurity, and Google became the master of the search engines.

But not, Dogpile is come back, with a growing index and a quick and clean presentation which is accounts for its halcyon days. If you are looking forward to trying a search engine that has an attractive presentation and useful crosslink, results, definitely try this search engine.

#6. Giburu

Do you know that most of the search engines censor your search results? Well, this is right actually, but if you are after an uncensored search, then you really should try Giburu.

#7. Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is basically a computational knowledge engine that calculates any data. But this doesn’t mean that this search engine is primarily for math Geeks.
You can even ask it about any fact, and this will provide you the answer. With excellent computing, this search engine also thinks about your answer that can take a little while.

This is not often successful, for that you have to practice how to get the best from this search engine.

#8. Ixquick

Ixquick is another search engine alternative to Google which puts its users’ privacy at the leading age.

With Ixquick none of the details of your search results stored and no cookies are used. You can even set preferences, but you need to reset that after 90 days as they will be deleted after that if you are inactive for this search engine.

#9. Yandex

Yandex search engine is a Russian-founded search engine. This has become a very popular search engine in Russia and also in many of parts of Europe too. This search engine has 55-65% of market share in the Search market of Russia.

This is one of the good competitors search engine Google. The reason behind this is, it offers many of the similar services like mobile apps, analytics, could storage and even the mailing service.

So if you don’t want to work with US based company, then Yandex is a great to a search engine to try out.

#10. Internet Archive

Internet Archive is one of the favorite destinations for longtime web lovers.

This search engine has been taking snapshots of the whole World Wide Web for years now. This allows you to travel back in time to find what the web page looked like late in 1999.

Even you can find what the news was around Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

I know that you won’t visit this search engine daily, as like you do visit Google or Bing or Yahoo, but when you want to travel back in time, then this search engine is perfect for you to try out.


So, I have included plenty of the, best, top and famous Google alternative search engines of 2017.

However, I guess you still will be using the same Google, isn’t it right? But I also recommend to try out his fantastic search engine and experience some more with your search results. If you have any more search engines that you want to get included in this list and do comment here in the comments section.

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