Google will soon launch new operating system Android P


Google Android P


Now is a good news and rumors The world’s most famous company Google will now release the Android P operating system. The operating system will be named on alphabet basis. The company is working on changing the look of software to enhance the appeal of iPhone users.

Talking about the Android operating system, Android Oro is the latest OS. There are several new features in Android Orio. Most smartphone companies are giving Android OSO’s operating system to their device. But still there are just 1.1 percent of the smartphones in which these OS has been given.

Cut to the chase

  • What is it? The next version of Android
  • When is it out? Probably March 2018
  • How much will it cost? It will be a free update

Apple will not change in Apple’s designs

According to reports, Apple will not make any major changes in the new version of iOS this time, due to which Google’s strategy can prove to be successful. It is believed that Apple is focusing on improving performance and experience this time.

According to media reports, Google will soon give Nokia support in the new version of the Android like the iPhone X. Apart from this, multiple P also can be supported in Android P.It is also expected that Samsung can launch a smartphone with foldable display, in which Google’s new operating system will give the user a different experience.

Google can also include Third Party Assistant in Android this time, this will make Google Assistant even better. According to reports, Google may release the first developer preview of Android P by March.

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