All people in this U.S should be judged equally, and are equally entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Our democratic republic must survive! Remember, our forefathers were not professional politicians. They were businessmen, lawyers, doctors, philosophers- regular people who wanted a country ruled by the people. We have come a long way as the great melting pot- as it should be.
I know we will probably not go back to the gold standard, because it is probably unattainable at this point, but Obama has doubled the national debt; our great-great grandchildren, and their descendants will still be saddled with this debt!! That worries me a lot; it is grossly unfair! Trump has the business acumen which U.S needs at this time.
Further, Common Core is a nightmare, and needs to be repealed. Once again, this is a states rights issue. Let state governments each determine their own programs. One size does NOT fit all, and having the state demand only one way of solving math problems will certainly not allow genius to flourish.

Donald Trump is not a racist. He just is not! Further, he pays females the same amount as males performing the same jobs. Listen to what women of color who work for him have said about him.
For years, going back to President Clinton, there has been talk about better border security. The middle class will not stay middle class unless it has the ability to thrive. This cannot happen if everyone is allowed to enter and receive EVERYTHING for nothing. Where is the incentive to EARN a living? We need jobs, and to help refugees get jobs. Donald Trump can, and is, doing this. Healthcare costs for the middle class have skyrocketed in the last three years, in order to provide free healthcare for refugees. It is out of control. Our tax base must increase dramatically to support so many refugees at once. Refugees are still going to be welcome, but, just as our ancestors did, they need to prove that they are sincere about wanting to be loyal U.S. citizens, and that they will defend and protect U.S . Radical Islamic Terrorists need to be rooted out and refused refugee status.
I am a Republican because I believe in decentralization of government. Democrat philosophy advocates centralization of government.
I think that our forefathers were brilliant in their conception of the Constitution, including the Bill of Rights. States rights were important to them, to prevent the federal government from obtaining too much power. Checks and balances were imposed at the federal level, too!
Refugees, of course, deserve a chance, but those who come here and commit crimes, and those who seek not to assimilate, but to overthrow, our government, must be expelled, or refused entrance to U.S.
Socialism sounds fair in the beginning, but it is a slippery slope. Notice how many Communist countries are leaning toward Capitalism.
As to religion, our forefathers demanded separation of church and state. What they meant was no state-mandated religion. When Madalyn Murray O’Hair, an atheist, caused the Supreme Court to reinterpret the meaning of this separation, I think they went overboard. To each, his own religion should be sacred. But an atheist should not be allowed to determine whether crucifixes should be removed from Catholic schools and Universities. If an atheist does not like it, go somewhere else!

We should all give President Donald Trump a fair chance! Remember that the MSM is largely dictated to by George Soros, and his large financial holdings. When he told them to use the word “dark,” in relation to Trump, they did- TV and newspapers added that word to their headlines. Don’t be deceived!!
Our economy is the backbone of U.S–and Donald Trump has the expertise to save us. The fact that the Elite 1% was, and is, against Trump is one of the things I like best about him. He is an outsider. He is rich; he is not taking a salary, and he is beholden to no one! He is smart, and he genuinely wants to help U.S heal. He is not an extremist. God bless President Donald Trump !

One last thought: there is only one race- the human race! People come in all sizes, colors, and shapes, but inside, we are all the same. Who cares what color we are? We should all strive to love one another, and to respect one another. Prejudice due to color differences is just plain stupid. We should all listen to the words of Martin Luther King, and continue to strive for and respect his legacy. By the way, his niece, Pastor Alveda King, voted for President Donald Trump !


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