How Hackers Steals Data From Smartphone know detail


Hackers Steals Data From Smartphone

Hackers can unlock mobile by recovering the PIN and password via the data of the smartphone sensor. This information was received from Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Researchers.

Global cyberattack

They also told that the instruments used in the smartphone such as gyroscope and proximity sensors are risky for the security of the phone.

Researchers attempted to unlock Android smartphones by collecting information from machine learning algorithms and six types of sensors used in smartphones. Researchers unlocked this in just three times with 99.5 percent accuracy.

Senior Research Scientist of NTU Shivam Bhasin told that researchers used the sensor in SmartPone so that it is possible to find out which number the user has pressed most often.

Researchers believe that there are many flaws in terms of security in the smartphone. There is no need for the user to use the sensor in the phone.

In its research researchers used accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, proximity sensor, barometer, and ambient sensor app.

Through them he has ascertained that the way the user puts his phone in his hand and puts a pin and presses 1,5 and 9, then the movement of the phone is something different.

As if pressing number 9 is more light block than pressing a number on the phone with a thumb of hand compared to the blocking light.

Bhasin has asked to keep mobile devices more secure that users should always keep their PIN more than four digits, if possible, enable one-time password (OTP), choose options such as finger print and facial recognition.


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