Hair spa at home


Hair spa at home


Hair spa at home..

Step 1- oiling

massage your hair with coconut, almond, castor or olive oil or better mix equal quantity of any 3 oil and massage.

Step 2- steaming

dip a towel in hot water and wrap it on your hair keep it for 20 min.

step 3- mask

apply any home made or ready made mask for 30 min.

step 4- shampoo

wash ur hair with shampoo.

step 5- conditioner

condition ur hair.

and ur hair spa is done..

There are a lot of advantages of doing hair spa.

1. You will feel light (you won’t feel that there is a weight on your head).

2. It will make your hair freeze free ,smooth and shiny if done properly.

3. It decreases the risk of hair breakage and split ends.

4. You feel relaxed after the head massage given by the expert.

5. It reduces stress level.


1.People will be jealous of your shiny and healthy hair.

2. It will remove the colour if you have coloured hair.

3. You will get extra attention on your hair.

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