Health Tips : Plastic Bottle are too Injurious for Health


Plastic Bottle are too Injurious for Health

We all use plastic, and we use it in many different ways in our daily lives almost everyday, we drink water only in a plastic bottle whether we are going home or traveling, or any trip But we use the bottle of plastics to drink water everywhere.


But do you know how to drink water in plastic bottles like this, our health is bad, if not, here we will tell you the loss of drinking water in a plastic bottle.

  • Liquid Drinking Water in Plastic Bottle

Plastics bottles are made of many chemicals, which are found in the water as it gets hot, through the water, these chemicals reach our stomach, due to which we have many types of damage, drink water in it Heart disease, risk to a child born, danger to pregnant women, obstruction of the stomach etc. are the only KE diseases, the risk of having it persists continuously.

  • New birth baby may be born defect

If you drink your new born baby in a plastic bottle, then the chemicals found in it go to the stomach of the child, which can lead to the birth defect, which can lead to breast cancer or prostate cancer. There may be many dangerous diseases.

  • Brain gets weak

Plastics bottles are made up of biopsenol chemical, which weakens our brain, due to which the memory becomes weak and it has a deep effect on the brain.

  • Causes of constipation

If you drink water in a plastic bottle, and your bottle is not washed by the week, then even if you are continuously using it, its contaminated substances can not go away in your stomach and suffer from constipation, and the cause of stomach disorders Can become.

  • Risk of mischarage goes up

The risk of miscrease in women who are pregnant increases two fold, if they are consuming water in plastic bottles continuously, those women who have already had a mischief once have to stay away from them.

  • Danger of cancer

According to the Research in Hawaii Cancer Hospital, plastic bottle water increases the risk of cancer, when the water in the plastic bottle is kept and it becomes hot due to some reason, chemicals in the plastic are beginning to leak. And this element goes into our body.

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