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Summer Health Care


In summer, hunger seems less, fried things less like eating. In this season, if a balanced, nutritious diet is not taken, then the body becomes uneven, health is also worsened. Diseases such as diarrhea, flu, dehydration and cholera raise head during this season. To take care of health in summer, it is important that you take proper care of the catering.

In the summer, all diseases can affect people too. In such weather, it is important to make changes in your clothing and clothing. At the same time, there is a need to be more vigilant towards your health. Looking at the intense heat of the city, it is necessary that you have already been planning for this season. This will avoid the negative impact of the weather. Experts say it is important for the heat not to be disturbed. It is necessary to wake up early in the morning to make your routine. Especially your diet should be taken care of.

  • Some main causes of heat-related Diseases

1. In the days of summer, the open body washed and ran,
2. In the hot summer, leaving an empty stomach, ie hunger and thirst, from home,
3. To drink cold water or other cold drink immediately after coming out of the dump,
4. To come in the air cooler and come straight into the air cooler or go straight up from here,
5. Wearing synthetic garments in hot summer,
6. Stylish, rich, fast spices, very hot food, more tea, drinking alcohol.

10 ways to get Healthy in Summer

1. Water, a lot of water

Drink as much water as possible. The average person should drink 10 to 12 glasses of water a day. Drinking the right amount of water does not cause dehydration in the heat, as well as the water will keep your body cool in heat.

2. Do not consume alcohol

It can be understood that there is a desire to drink a cold drink in the summer, but it is not necessary that alcohol will be used in that drink. If you want to go out for some reason then try not to take cold drinks that use alcohol. Drinking water reduces water in the body.

3. sun tea

In the summer you can also enjoy sun teas. To make it, add half the water and put Hibiscus, clove, Papermint, chamomile, lemon and any other herbs and put it in the sun’s sun for the whole day. With this tea, your skin will be beautiful and hair will be good, as well as water shortage. You can also make moon tea like this.

4. Avoid Smoothie and More Ice Creams

The fruit made of fruits makes you fresh, but you feel good throughout the week. But most of the smoked frozen fruits and ice cream are made and they are very much calorie. Avoid excessive use of it or make it in the house. Smooth made in home will be fAT less or less fat.

5. Choose a new Hobby

If the days are long in summer, then you have a good time too. You can do gardening if you want. You can do this at home and inside and you will also have few calories in it. You can also have different types of flowers. If you have a child in your house then include them as well. This will also keep your health healthy.

6. Survivors from oil consumption

A summer prescription for health is that try to eat fried food in the summer. Fried food or high fat (FAT) food leads to obesity and also slow down your digestive system. The excess fat will make you sick and the skin also deforms.

7. Reduce Tea Coffee

If you are on a diet, you have to use less tea and coffee in the summer. With more tea and coffee you will have more Urine and your body will have less water and stomach will also occur in the skin.

8. Make distance from cigarettes and other harmful things

To have health in the summer, in addition to alcohol in the summer, you have to stay away from any type of intoxication, such as cigarette clover, as well as distance from fizzy drinks and carbonated drinks. All of these things damage your skin to the summer.

9. Wearing tight clothes or not

It is good to not wear clothes that are tight and sticky. Wearing tight clothes will reduce the circulation of blood, sweat more and you will feel suffocated. Wear open and loose clothes to stay healthy in the summer so that the air flows and your body will cool down.

10. Cleanliness of the body

In the summer we sweat a lot and due to this, you start smell from the body. Between all this, many types of bacteria also form on the body in the summer. To avoid all this, bath at least twice a day and put any type of anti-bacterial in water so that you stay healthy in the summer.

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