Honda self-balancing bike at CES 2017



honda self balancing bike

Honda has revealed a model for a motorcycle that will move without being controlled by the rider, which will not fall over.The self-stabilising technology, named Moto Riding Assist, was unveiled by Honda throughout a driverless demonstration at this year’s consumer electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.
The Japanese company says that the technology might greatly scale back accidents in slow traffic, because it lessens the chance of falling over while the bike is at rest.Powered by an digital system, the technology disengages the handlebar from the front forks once the bike is traveling at speeds below three miles-per-hour, permitting a computer to take control.

During the demo, Honda’s self-balancing bike Sat stationary next to a Uni-Cub, its front wheel vellication back and forth to stay it upright. instead of gyroscopes, that Honda notes would add too much weight, the bike uses Honda’s own technology to remain vertical.Honda bikes within the close to future may even be ready to ride on their own because the company has developed an electronic steer-by-the-wire system. In simplest of terms, this technology would change the bikes to pass on control of the front wheel to a laptop at speeds under 3 miles an hour. “Accio Honda!”

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