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Change English Keyboard to Hindi


Hi Friends, We all know that computer keyboards are only in English.In such a way, if he has to type in Hindi, then how to do it.Although you can learn Hindi Typing for it, but you have to spend a lot of time on it. If we want to type in Hindi for our smallest needs, then what can we do for it.

Type in Hindi Online

I am going to tell you today in this post that without you having learned Hindi without typing, you can type in Hindi in your computer. And this would be as easy as typing in English.

To do this, we can get help from Google’s two Free Service. Those are Google Translate and Google Input Tools By both of these you can easily type in your computer or in Hindi in Mobile.

So first of all know how you can type in Hindi with Google Translate (Type In Hindi Online).
How To Type In Hindi Online Using Google Translate

Google Translate is a great service from Google, which gives us the option to translate any language from one language to another. If this is done with keeping in mind Hindi, we can translate it from both Hindi to English or English to Hindi.

All you have to do is write that if you type in a box in English, you can translate it into another box in Hindi, which you can copy and use it anywhere you can.

As you type ” your keyword “, it lets you translate ” your keyword ” in Hindi.

In this way you will be able to type in English easily from Hindi. You can also translate it in English and vice versa.

That is, if you already have Hindi Typing, you can translate any sentence in Hindi and translate it into English.

Click here to Google Translate in English >> Hindi.

Google Translate to English >> Click here to Translate in English.

Note: Google Translate is a very good way to translate short sentences into Hindi. But if it comes to lengthy sentences or any paragraph, then it translates in Hindi, but in terms of Grammar it is not exactly correct which is its biggest shortcoming. But still you can find good results by turning it into short sentences.

After Google Translate, the number comes in our ‘Favorite’ and our ‘Humper’ Google Input Tools, which I am currently using and maybe even using it further. Because it is really great and it is easy to use and its greatest advantage is that once you download it once, you can type in Hindi without the type of Hindi.

So let’s know how we type in Hindi using Google Input Tools, even by staying in offline.
How To Type In Hindi Google Input Tools

Google Input Tools is a software from Google that allows us to type Hindi Me Online without us. Once you install it in your computer, you will always be able to type in Hindi.

Follow the Steps Below to Install and Run >>

  • STEP 1.> First, you can visit Google Input Tools website by clicking here.
  • STEP 2.> Here you will find some options for which you want to download your software for? I have given a link to download Software for Direct Windows while making your work easier.
  • STEP 3.> Here you will be given the choice to choose Language according to the picture below. Choose the language you want to use according to your desire.

Here I would like to advise you that if you want to use Hindi only, then just tick on Hindi. Because the more you select, the more your download time will look. And there will be some difficulty in selecting it later.

  • STEP 4.> Now, by tick on Options with its Terms of Service, click on Download.
  • STEP 5.> A Software will be downloaded to your Downloads folder.
  • STEP 6.> Now install it in your computer by clicking on it. Now a window like this will open in front of you and will remain until it is completely downloaded to your computer. The time taken here depends on your internet speed. So be patient with some 😛
  • STEP 7.> When it has been completely installed on your computer, you will see an option similar to the one pictured below in the lower right corner of your computer where the option to type can be changed.
  • STEP 8.> Now if you already have this English [ENG] then you can change it to Hindi by clicking on it.

Now that Google Input Tools is fully installed in your computer, you can use it anywhere in Type in Hindi. Whether it is Word or Photoshop or any other software.


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