How to Filter Spam and Pesky Calls on Android Smartphones


How to Filter Spam and Pesky Calls on Android Smartphones

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It has also happened to you that you are doing some urgent work and any call you received on your smartphone has troubled you. This has happened sometime or sometimes with most people. Recently Google has given a new feature in its phone app, which will warn you of spam and annoying calls. Take these steps to start this feature in your Android phone …
  1. Open the phone app in your smartphone.
  2. Click on the 3 dot toggle on the left side of the phone app.
  3. Then click More.
  4. Then tap on the settings option.
  5. Now you will get caller ID and spam folder option. Choose it according to your smartphone’s settings.
Let you know that the caller ID and spam option remains on the default, if it is off in your phone then turn it on.

There is another option inside the smartphones that lets you mark spam for some calls.

Follow the steps below for this.

  1. Open the phone app in your smartphone.
  2. Visit Reissent Calls.
  3. Select the call that you want to put in the category of spam.
  4. Then select Block or Report Spam option.
  5. Your phone app will ask you again if you want to block this phone number or not.
  6. If the report spam option is coming to your phone then you can also report the call.
  7. If this option is not available in your phone app then you can block that number only.
Note: To use this feature, your smartphone has a version of Android 6.0 or above.


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