How To Hide Read Receipt On Social Platform Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and Instagram


Hide Read Receipt On Social Platform Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and Instagram

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Millions of people are connected with their friends, family and office people through the message. We keep sending messages to each other through text, video, audio and photos. In view of this increasing demand, companies are constantly changing their applications. But these changes often cause trouble. One of these troubles is Read Receipt. That is, as soon as you read someone’s message, the front knows that you have read their message. Replaying is such a big problem. Many times we have to reply to the message even if we do not want to. But we are going to tell you about the ways that you will be able to read any message on Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and Instagram, and the front will not even know. Know about these methods.

  • Facebook


There is no alternative to shutting down ‘Read Receipt’ in the app. But through a trick you can read the message and the sender of the message will not know. Before reading the message on Messenger, turn on your phone’s Airplane mode. Now go to the app and read the message you want to read. After that exit from the app and switch to the app in a single window section and swipe through the swipe. This will stop the app running in the phone’s banking ground. Now off airplane mode of your phone. In doing so, the app can not sync your activity, so that the sender will not know that you have read his message.

  • WhatsApp


Go to app settings After that go to accounts> privacy and turn on ‘Turn of Receipts’. After doing so, the front will not know that you have read his message. Even though doing so, you will not even know whether the front has read your message or not.

  • Instagram


There is no separate option to stop the ‘Read Receipt’ in the Instagram. In Facebook-owned company Instagram, you also have to use Facebook methods. Here also you have to turn on the phone’s Airplane mode before reading the message. After this, it will close the app with the background of the phone and then turn on the Airplane mode.

  • Twitter

twitterYou can use this feature in Twitter’s direct messages. Go to App Settings. Then go to Direct Messages in Privacy and then close the Read Receipt.

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