How To Never Miss Your Connecting Flight


Never Miss Your Connecting Flight

A missed flight connection can be a traveler’s worst nightmare.


Missing a connecting flight is one of the most stressful and frustrating things that can happen to you when flying. If you want to avoid it, you need to give yourself ample time between flights, and do a little homework before you fly.

Pad your schedule. 

Give yourself an hour or more between flights to ensure that you will make your connection.

Book the first flight of the day

Statistics show that the first flights of the day, early in the morning, experience fewer delays than others.

So, even if you are not a ‘morning person’ you should strive to book one of the earlier flights for the first leg of your trip.

Sit in front 

The closer you sit by the front door, the faster you will be able to get off the aircraft and get to your next gate.
The airlines have mastered the pre-boarding process, but when it comes to deplaning; everyone gets pushy and wants to get off quickly. Everyone has a reason to rush out so don’t expect much sympathy – just make sure you get out as soon as the plane lands and the door opens!

Keep your family together

It is critical for everyone in your group to leave the plane with their belongings as soon as possible after landing to get to the next gate.
If you sit in separate places on the aircraft, especially a large one, it could take more than ten minutes to get everyone together. This extra delay could make you arrive late to your next gate and miss your next flight.

Travel with carry-on bags

Ask for pre-boarding, and make sure you put your luggage in the overhead bin directly above or in front of you.

If put your luggage in the bins behind you are risking further delays as you will be spending time trying to fight the stream of people moving forward to exit the plane.

Download an airport map

If the airport you are connecting into is large and you have limited time to go to distant gates or terminals, make sure you download a map on your mobile or print out a map ahead of time, so you minimize your chances of wasting time getting lost.

Have the airline application on your phone

You should download the airline’s app to your electronic devices so you can contact them fast to rebook your flight if necessary.

Ask for help 

If you are experiencing a delay after you board the aircraft, ask the flight purser’s advice about what to do and whether she/he can arrange an airport shuttle or special escort to transport you and accompanying family members as fast as possible to the next gate.

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