HP Omen Game Stream App Allow you to Play


HP Omen Game Stream App

HP is getting into the game streaming arena — though probably not in the way you’d expect. With the aptly titled “Omen Game Stream” app, it’ll integrate the feature in all of its gaming PCs later this spring.

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It uses Parsec’s IP to encode the game at H.264, and can deliver it to any PC, so you can even play on lower-end machines. If you’re not familiar with Parsec, it’s a “game streaming technology with patent pending software for its low latency, high frame rate video streaming networking protocol and video capture, encode, decode, and render pipeline.”

You’ll need a strong Internet connection though, especially if you’re not home when playing. For a 1080p 60Hz experience, it’s recommended that you have a consistent 25Mbps connection, and for 720p 60Hz, 10Mbps is recommended.

This adds a new value proposition to the Always-Connected PC, such as HP’s own Envy x2 that was announced in December. Most 4G LTE connections are greater than 25Mbps, so you’d be able to play from anywhere that you are, even if you’re not connected to Wi-Fi.

HP Game Stream is to be included as part of the company’s Command Center application, which is already included on all OMEN gaming PCs. The firm says that the sign-in experience will be “simple and informative”, and all you’ll have to do is log in on the client machine and pick the game that you want to play.

Adding to the Omen line, HP has also unveiled a new 65-inch Big Format Gaming Display, in partnership with NVIDIA. Other highlights include the HP Pavilion Wave with Amazon Alexa integration and the reworked HP Envy x2 leveraging an Intel processor.

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