If You Are A Beginner In Body Building, Do Not Fall For These Myths


Body Building: A spiteful body with bulging biceps and broad chest is a dream of many people, today; the fitness wave has become so big that you’ll find a gym at every corner of your region.

Why You Must Hit the Gym for Stronger Bones

So, if you are a noob to the fitness arena, make sure you do not get influenced by these myths:-

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1). Passing Your Knee Ahead Of Toes Doesn’t Ruin Your Squats

Ok, back in the days, a study was done that stated that if the load gets intensified on the bar, your knee faces a lot of tension and therefore it was advised to keep the knee behind the toe line but if you are a beginner in
Body Building
you won’t be lifting very heavy weight and its fine to cross the toes, because if you will try resisting your knee in an upright position, it can cause serious back injuries.

2). Do Not Get Lured By Steroids

When you will begin your journey, many people will suggest you inject materials that you should not. People swear that these steroids help you get forever gains but this is a big lie, the muscles stay there as long as you keep injecting yourself. When you will stop injecting, your Body Building will become shallow and weak; so always trust the nutrition and right ways to buff up, do not fall for short cuts.

3). More Crunches Means Less Fat

The biggest myth out there is this, crunches help you tighten your abs region but to lose mass/fat, you need to go for a protein-rich diet and some good cardio exercises.

Why You Must Hit the Gym for Stronger Bones

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