If You Are Smartphone User Then 7 Websites on Internet You Must Visit


You Are Smartphone User Then 7 Websites on Internet You Must Visit

We are hoping that you will have a smartphone in your hand, then you are reading this news. Well, nowadays smartphone is not a big thing. Everyone has a phone in hand. We search about the various types of websites in our smartphone, and many times we go to that website, but you may hardly know about the 7 websites we are going to tell you today, while these websites are one There is a lot of work for smartphone users. So let’s know about them.

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  • BugMeNot
    If you are also troubled by repeatedly logging in to a website then this website has worked for you. This website gives you an ID and a password to login to any website. In this case, you will not need to login to any website by entering your e-mail ID and mobile. You just have to give the name of the website, after which you will get an ID and password.
  • How safe is your password?
    Howsecureismypassword.net As the name suggests, this website will tell you how safe your password is. The special thing is that you do not even have to enter the full password on this website. You can check by entering any password on this website, how safe it is.
  • Whether a website is secure or not
    On the website of Safe Web, you can find out which website is safe and what is not. This website has got anti-virus Norton support. By going to this website you just have to paste the URL of the website you want to know about whether it is safe or not.
  • Priv Note
    Through this website, you can send a personal message to any of your friends or family members. Its specialty is that the message will be automatically deleted as soon as your message is read.
  • See which movie
    A Good Movie To Watch – If you like to watch videos on Amazon Prime or Netflix, but can not decide which movie to watch, this website can help you. This website can tell you which movie you should watch.
  • Mathway
    This website is for those who solve the question of mathematics. If you are having any problems in the question of mathematics then you can take help of this website.
  • TinEye
    With the help of this website you can find out which photo is real and which fake This website uses reverse image search technology.

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