If you Shop Online then,avoid the Purchase of these 7 things


Avoid these 7 Things If you Shop Online


Online shopping has made people’s lives easier in many ways. You do not have to run on local stores to buy everything. But sometimes the comforting person gets expensive. There are some things that are good to buy by visiting a shop itself. It is not necessary that the product display in the online shopping should be of quality.

Here are some of the things that should be avoided online

  • Prescription Drugs

Do not ask for any kind of medicine you need online. Buy from the local shop and bill it on the go. Because one medicine will come after three to four days and it is not a guarantee of a correct date.

  • Makeup Products

The famous brand of mascara or mascara can buy online but products such as lipstick, foundation and concercer do not buy without trace. The same thing applies to dish too. Even after facilitating returns in online shopping, some things are not returned after the seal is opened or used.

  • Shoes

Do not buy online footwear if you have any confusion in your feet. If there is a problem with fittings, you may have trouble, it is not necessary to get the same color and design in your size which you liked.

  • Jeans

Many times you see branded jeans getting good on online discounts, then you have a tendency to buy. But in reality, online jeans are not the right version of fittings. You must have seen yourself when you go shopping in the store, try the jeans in the tray room until the perfect fitting comes. Now it can be wise to order online.

  • Pets

All pets online look great, but in reality it is not that they can not say anything. You can get a mixed breed instead of what your seller promises. The seller will not know which vaccinations he has given to the animal and what his habits are.

  • Groceries

People want home delivery of all things and they get very lazy to go to the local grocery shop. But if you order fruits, vegetables too, you can not see it by checking it. You may not find the quality you want.

  • Jewelery

Never sell jewelry online anymore. Because when you take it from the shop, it is well checked and taken for measurement. While you can not know the weight of weight in online jewelery and you do not have the guarantee for the receipt and the company also.

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