Income Tax: You can save in this way in 2019


Discussions related to taxes start coming soon as the new year comes. Everybody starts thinking about how they save as much tax. Some resort to their tax lawyers, so many people take help from filling tax returns in the neighborhood. But this article we are telling you how you can save your tax more and more.

income tax

For this, you have to choose one of the investment options given by the income tax department. But it is difficult to choose which of them to be so simple and beneficial for you. So, if you invest in Equity Linked Savings Scheme you will get both of these facilities.

Actually ELSS MF is the plan. According to experts, its main objective is to save tax and consumers have to get a good tax return. Most of the money is invested in equity. In this you can invest up to 1.5 lakh rupees. If you invest so much money, the same amount is misused from the taxable amount.

income tax

Explain that its lock-in period is only three years old. After three years, you have the freedom that if you want it, keep it or you can cash it. The lock-in period of this type of other equity funds is of five years. At the same time in PPF, you can not withdraw your deposit before 15 years.

But there is a question here whether there is stability of money in ELSS, that is how much profit it is when we are able to cash it. Experts here say that stability is more in comparison to other funds.

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