Intel announces the new 8th-gen Core CPUs


Intel announces 8th-gen Core processors, to be 40% faster than Kaby Lake chips

Intel’s new 8th generation Core processors launch 21 August 2017 with revised Kaby Lake chips


Intel on Monday announced its 8th-generation processors’ range. The new processor range is extensively focused on the growing usage of high-resolution content such as 4K Ultra HD video, 360-degree video, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality. Intel claims its new range of processors is 40% faster than the previous 7th-generation Kaby Lake processors.

The 8th-gen processors launch today (Aug. 21) and will begin shipping in laptops in September. Both the i5 and i7 CPUs are now quad-core chips even in the U-series, and Intel claims that this generation of chips will span three architectures: a refresh of the presently existing Kaby Lake, further as coffee Lake and Cannon Lake.

What’s the eighth generation of Intel Core processors?

Intel updates its CPUs on a roughly annual basis. Last year, it introduced its 7th-Generation”Kaby Lake” processors, and therefore the year before that, it released the 6th-Generation “Skylake” CPUs. not like previous generations, 8th generation encompasses multiple architectures, with the first batch of CPUs supported a “Kaby Lake refresh” platform; others canfollow.

Technical Specifications: 8th Generation Core U-Series Processors

For the techies and not-so-techies out there, its price a look to check what the variations are between the 8th generation Core processor elements. Intel has up to now declared these four models, listed left to right from least to most powerful.


Core i5-8250UCore i5-8350UCore i7-8550UCore i7-8650U
Base Frequency1.6GHz1.7GHz1.8GHz1.9GHz
Max. Turbo Boost Frequency3.4GHz3.6GHz4.0GHz4.2GHz
Intel vPro Supported?NoYesNoYes



Base clock (GHz)
Max 1-core clock (GHz)
Max 2-core clock (GHz)
Max 4-core clock (GHz)
Cache (MB)8866
Max GPU clock (GHz)1150115011001100



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