Interesting Facts About Computer Viruses That you Don’t Know


Interesting Facts About Computer Viruses

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If you are a computer user then computers will be familiar with viruses very well. In today’s time, computer viruses have become a big problem for computer users. Due to computer virus, many companies, institutions, people have not been able to know how much damage has been done. You can take many steps to protect your computer from viruses, as well as be aware of computer viruses, but do you know about interesting facts related to it? Today we will learn about some interesting facts related to computer viruses in this article that all computer users should know. Interesting Facts About Computer Viruses.

Facts About Computer Viruses

  • The world’s first computer virus was Creeper Virus. This virus was Bob Thomas.
  • We do not know how many matches in the day Do you know 90% of the virus is attached to the virus. Knowing this thing may have scared you, but until you download the link given in the email, the media file, the virus will not come in your computer.
  • About 6,000 new viruses are created every month, many of which are spreading to a large extent.
  • Most computer viruses are made by children between the ages of 15 and 22. All these people develop viruses or make viruses during the experiments.
  • Approximately 40% of American households are infected with viruses.
  • Today computer viruses are spread with the help of most internet. If you use the internet, be careful.
  • Most Windows computers are used in the whole world, and Windows’s first virus was “Win Vir”.
  • There is a misconception in many people that Apple’s computers do not have viruses, but do you know there is no computer in the world that the virus can not come?
  • The virus named “I love you” is one of the most popular and dangerous viruses in the world.
  • The first computer virus to attack MS-DOC was named Brain, which was made by the two brothers of Pakistan.
  • One of the 14 programs downloaded from the Internet is affected by the virus
    Anyone can make viruses this time there is no restriction of any kind.

These were some interesting facts about some computer viruses. I hope that you would have liked the Interesting Facts About Computer Virus article. You must share this article in social media. If you also know the interesting facts related to computer viruses, then you can tell us in a comment.


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