Iphone and Android Hack Warning Update Your Phones Now or Anyone Can Read Your Messages


Iphone and Android Hack Warning Update Your Phones

Android vs iOS

IPhone and Android smartphones may be hacked via Bluetooth, soon updates
If the device hardware such as Apple, Google, Intel is not updated, then the risk of hacking is highest.

If you do not want anyone to read your personal message or hack your phone, then update your iPhone and Android device as soon as possible. Because a virus is affecting the smartphone’s bluetooth, many millions of smartphones are in the reach of cyber criminals.

CERT is a US Emergency Team, which believes that if the hardware of the device such as Apple, Google, Intel is not updated, then the risk of hacking is most. It has also been reported in the report that when a device connects through Bluetooth to another device and files are transferred or transferred, then the risk of device hacking is most.

The information was found when it came to know that while sharing the data a ‘key‘ was lost, which was not present in the exchange of Diffie’s Hellman. But according to Bluetooth Standard, this key is not needed by anyone, due to which this is an open field for hackers where they can hack your device and take all your information.

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What is Diffie-Hellman (ECDH) key exchange?

This is a channel which has two rights to two parties, that is, they can share files and data with the help of a private channel i.e. Bluetooth. We know this by the name of key KEY.

After this information, the companies have now started fixing their security patches. Apple has already updated MacOS, while updating the iOS 11.4 to the iPhone. If Intel talked, then the company has updated the Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 Bluetooth Drivers.

Talking about Google, the company has said that looking at hackers, we have also started updating Chrome OS and Android. So if you have not even updated your smartphone in the new version then do so because during Bluetooth sharing it is more likely that your device may be hacked.

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