iPhone automatically stores semi-nude selfies in brassiere folder


iPhone automatically stores semi-nude selfies



  • Smart data image recognition technology sorts pictures into categories 
  • One category is ‘brassiere’ and sources say ‘corset’ and ‘girdle’ are also on the list
  • Thousands have been tweeting about this hidden feature that analyses photos

When Apple introduced the iPhone’s new operating system—iOS 11—it showed off smarter machine learning algorithms capable of automatically sorting images using object recognition. It said nothing about cleavage.

Fortunately, the algorithms Apple uses run natively on your device, which means none of the photos need to be sent to cloud servers. The computer vision technology was designed so users can quickly see all images that belong to the same category at once. For example, if you type in “dog,” you’ll see all the pictures you have taken since your pet was a puppy instead of having to scroll through your entire gallery. Apple uses 4,432 different category keywords to organize images.

The algorithms do not know what a ‘brassiere’ is but they are using this tag to group similar photos.

Previously, these algorithms would only have been able to work on large machines but now they are efficient enough to run on mobiles.

Apple pre-selected the term “brassiere” to be available on the Photos app. The company didn’t clarify why the term “brassiere” — which, let’s be honest, many of us just learned to spell correctly today — is one of the available search terms. Words like “underwear,” “briefs” or other intimate apparel aren’t among the pre-designated terms.

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