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SKON Krishna Bhajan Bhakti Folk List 2019

Lord Sri Krishna

Lord Sri Krishna made an earthly appearance in roughly 3220 B.C., and He left this planet in 3102 B.C. However, because He is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the cause of all causes, He is eternally existing.

Lord Krishna Bhajan Bhakti Song was clearly ‘the dude’ of his time. I mean, one of his many names was ‘Mohan‘, which literally means ‘bewitching’ and ‘a charmer’.
Lord Krishna is said to have 108 names among which the famous ones are Gopal, Govind, Devakinandan, Mohan, Shyam, Ghanshyam, Hari, Girdhari, Baanke Bihari to name a few.

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Sri Krishna is the central figure of the Bhagavad Gita. Sri Krishna is widely considered by Hindus to be an Avatar – a direct descent of God. During the Battle of Kurukshetra, Krishna gave Arjuna the immortal spiritual discourse of the Bhagavad Gita – Krishna taught a spiritual path of wisdom, devotion and discrimination. Sri Krishna also popularised devotional bhakti yoga through his time with Radha and the Gopis in Vrindavan.

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  1. Gurvastakam
  2. Gurupuja
  3. Maha Mantra I
  4. Paramesvara
  5. Maha Mantra II
  6. Nadia Godrume
  7. Damodara astaka
  8. Sad Gosvami astakam
  9. Bhajahu Re Mana

HARINAMA – Songs of Devotion

The best of Krishna folk Vol.I

    1. Maha Mantra I
    1. Impersonal calamity
    1. Sita Rama Kirtan
    1. Maha Mantra II
    1. Surrendering
    1. Friend of Lord Krishna
    1. Krishna Krishna He!
    1. Prayer to Lord Nityananda
    1. A wasted life
    1. Maha Mantra III
    1. Nama Kirtana
    1. Govinda Kirtan
    1. Humility
    1. Maha Mantra IV
    1. Gopinatha
  1. Preaching Bhagavata Dharma in America
  2. Real renunciation
  3. Protected by Lord Krishna
  4. Maha Mantra V
  5. True and cheating devotees
  6. Fallen soul
  7. Half-man half-lion

The Best of Krishna folk Vol.II

  1. Auspicious invocation
  2. Longing for devotion
  3. Regret
  4. Prabhu he!
  5. Prayer to a Vaishnava-devotee
  6. No other way
  7. Maha Mantra I
  8. Hari he!
  9. Maha Mantra II
  10. Maha Mantra III
  11. Radha Krishna Arati
  12. Separation from Vaishnavas
  13. Gauranga bolite habe
  14. Maha Mantra IV

HARINAMA – In the Heart of Bengal

The best of Krishna folk Vol.III

  1. Jaya Jaya Sri Krishna Caitanya
  2. Nitai-pada-kamala
  3. Narada Muni
  4. Maha Mantra I
  5. Vibhavari sesa
  6. Maha Mantra II
  7. Parama Karuna
  8. Maha Mantra III
  9. Jaya Radha Jaya Krishna
  10. Bhoga Aratik
  11. Praneshvara
  12. Gaurangera duti pada
  13. Vaishnava mahima
  14. Kabe Gauravane

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