JIO GigaFiber Registration Start on 15 August Plans, Offer, Pricing, etc


JIO GigaFiber Registration Start on 15 August

Relaince jio

Reliance Jio is soon to launch broadband service in many cities of India. It has been said from Jio that it will be launched in a big way. Service will be given in 500 Rs. Jio believes that the number of broadband service providers currently offering their service to the public will give them less speed and higher speed than them.

Mukesh Ambani is preparing commercial for Jio GigaFiber before the 7th of January i.e. before Diwali. According to an official of Jio, the company is starting registration for this from August 15. At present, cable operators offer 100 GB of data and 100Mbps speed as home broadband, for which users have to pay 700 rupees to 1000 rupees per month. So for the TV service, it also has to pay 250 to 300 rupees every month. If you believe Jio, then the same service company will now pay 50 percent.

Analyst believes that the company will offer broadband service at a reduced price of 25 to 30 percent versus the 4G mobile data rate. According to Naveen Kulkarni, the telecom analyst of Philipp Capital, the broadband service will not make any difference to the 4G mobile data business.

  • Step 1 : First you have to go to MyJio app or
  • Step 2 : Click on the registration box which appears for registration of JioGiga fiber.
  • Step 3 : After this you will be asked to fill in your personal details and you will have to enter your name, address, mobile number and email id. After entering
  • Step 4 : Personal Details, submit it.
  • Step 5 : Now your registration is done. When the Jio Giga service starts in your city, you will be contacted.

What is Jio GigaFhiber Broadband ?

JioGigaFiber is based on Fiber to the Home (FTTH). With the help of FTTH, if the user needs internet service then your home will be given through a cable. The cable which is available to the user is not worth the speed Internet. The cable used for this service provides fast connectivity compared to others. It will be better than current cable.

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Xiaomi Mi TV 4A , Jio GigaFiber

HD Video Calls Will be Able to do from TV

The highlight of Reliance Jio GigaFiber is that the users taking it will also have a set-top box with the router. Users from this set-top box will also be able to take GigaTV’s advantage. HD video calls can also be made from smart TVs through the GigaFiber set-top box. The service will be started in 1100 cities in the country.

How to Get GigaFiber Router ?

Jio GigaFiber can be booked by My Jio App or Jio official website. Registration for this will start from August 15. From the city where most people will be registered, Jio GigaFiber will be launched from there. After the service is activated, the Jio Service Engineer will come and install the connection.

These will be Jio GigaFiber Plans

Speaking of Jio GigaFiber Plans, the initial plan will be from 500 Rs to a maximum of 1500 rupees.

  • Rs 500 Jio GigaFiber plan

In this plan, the GigaFibre would offer 300GB of data for one month at download speed of 50 Mbps. The data limit would be a part of company’s fair usage policy (FUP).

  • Rs 750 Jio GigaFiber plan

In this plan, the GigaFiber would offer 450GB of data for one month at a download speed of 50Mbps.

  • Rs 999 Jio GigaFiber plan

In this plan, the GigaFiber would offer 600GB of data for one month at a download speed of 100Mbps.

  • Rs 1,299 Jio GigaFiber plan

In this plan, the GigaFiber would offer 750GB of data for one month at a download speed of 100Mbps.

  • Rs 1,500 Jio GigaFiber plan

In the most expensive GigaFiber plan, the company would offer 900GB of data for one month at a download speed of 150Mbps.

Jio Fiber PlansSpeed in MbpsData LimitValidity
Rs 500 plan50 MBPS300 GB30 days
Rs 750 plan50 MBPS450 GB30 days
Rs 999 plan100 MBPS600 GB30 days
Rs 1299 plan100 MBPS750 GB30 days
Rs 1500 plan150 MBPS900 GB30 days


It is expected that Jio would start services in those locations from where it receives the maximum registrations. Jio Giga Fiber will roll out in India, with the promise of expanding to 1,100 cities. The fixed-line broadband service is expected to offer internet speed of up to 1Gbps.

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Jio High Speed Broadband Service

The high-speed broadband service will be provided from set-top box in Jio GigaTV. Many features have been added in JioTV. It includes access to the live app from a voice call through a TV remote. Through Jio GigaTV you will be able to make video calls on any Jio GigaTV. For high quality video call, speed of GBps will be replaced by GHz through Giga Fiber.

Price War Will Start

Reliance Jio has challenged the other companies in the rates of data and calls as they step in the telecom sector, in the same way, the price war is also going to start in the broadband service. Mukesh Ambani, citing this, said that the Jio GigaFiber broadband plan would be cheaper than other telecom companies’ plans. Airtel may have to bear the maximum loss due to the launch of Jio’s broadband service. Airtel currently offers DTH and broadband services in addition to Telecom. Reliance Jio has now stepped into these areas, which is expected to benefit users.

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