Keep Your Data Secure, Follow This Steps To Avoid Hacking


If you lose your smartphone today, you will not only lose contact and messages on your phone, but you can also lose your identity. We use smartphones for our social media platforms as well as for banking and many other services.

Global cyberattack

In addition to our contacts and messages when the mobile phone is lost or stolen, there is a danger of losing banking information, social media credentials etc. That is why today we will share some best ways to protect you data in the virtual world. With the help of this trick, you can save your data in the event of a lost smartphone, or you can avoid hacking of your data.

  • Lock phone with PIN or password
Face Unlock feature Phone

The first thing that is a security measure is to lock your smartphone or mobile phone with a PIN, password or other Security lock. The password should be a little complex so that one cannot easily open it. Smartphones nowadays are locked through fingerprints or other biometric passwords. In such cases, it is a little difficult to hack.

  • Avoid using public Wi-Fi
Free Connectify Alternatives

People use free Wi-Fi or public Wi-Fi. Most security breach incidents are carried out through public Wi-Fi only. Hackers can easily access your smartphone via public Wi-Fi. Try to use it only when you have public Wi-Fi Emergencies. Also, remember never use online banking services on your phone.
If you don’t have any option other than Public Wi-Fi, then we’ll suggest you to use some premium VPN. Using Wi-Fi via VPN will secure your network from hackers. It will be a little difficult for them to hack your phones.

  • Latest Update
ios 10

If you are using an iOS or Android smartphone, then make sure your smartphone is updated with the latest update. Operating system developers update their operating system with security patches from time to time which prevents your device from being hacked.

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