Do you know What is Barcode and How does Work




Often you may have seen during shopping as there are some black lines in the product after one. When the shopkeeper takes a scanner on it, the product name and its price automatically appear in the computer. But, have you ever wondered what this bar code is at the end and how it works.

If not, then let us know that there is a way to write data or information on this product. These direct lines provide complete information about that product. Like his price, quantity, which country he made, which company made, when made etc. At the same time, with the help of bar codes, companies and stores can also be found.

Now the barcode reader for the smartphone is available through the app, so you can get all this information on your own. Let us know what information is entered in the time code in the bar code.

Barcode is divided into two parts. One of these is linear barcode or 1 dimensional (1D) barcode. There is a second to dimensional barcode or 2D barcode. 1D barcode is used in soap, pen and mobile etc. whereas 2D barcode you have seen in PAYTM APP.

In 2D barcode, data is more than that of 1D. If a 2D barcode is cut, even then the scanner reads it, while it is not possible in 1D. You must know that the computer only understands the language of 0 and 1. Therefore barcode is divided into 95 mines only as 0 and 1. Based on these numbers, the complete information of the product is recorded.

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