Launch 4G phone at Rs 500, Rs. 60 monthly-plans coming soon


4G phone at Rs 500

In the mobile phone market these days there is a race to launch cheap smartphones. Everybody wants to launch a cheaper mobile and capture the smartphone market. After the explosive entry of Jio, cheap smartphones are being launched in the market to entice customers. Now many telecom companies are coming out in the market with 4G phones priced at Rs 500. Not only this, the cheapest calling and data packs will also be available with them.

Relaince jio

Big competition with Jio phone

The Jio Phone could not attract the users who liked the smartphone, but this phone has started a new war for cheap 4G feature phones. Recently, Jio has offered unlimited calling and data to its Jio Phone users for only 49 rupees.

Since then all the mobile operators have stirred up. In this case, all feature phone users should not leave their company and do not port number in Jio. From Vodafone to Airtel, they have begun the exercise of launching a 4G smartphone priced at Rs 500 with a monthly bundle pack of 60 to 70 rupees.

The country’s Famous Business Website has reported in its report that these mobile companies can enter the market with the cheapest 4G phones and flavors so that they can make an increase in the competition compared to running thorns with Jio.

Android will go support

You may know that recently Google has launched Android’s entry level OS version ‘AndroidOrioGo‘. It is believed that these cheap 4G phones will work on ‘Android Go’. Due to this initiative of telecom companies, users are going to silver, because they can enjoy the smartphone at such a low cost and their monthly mobile expenses will also be less than the bundle pack.

Focus on Villagers

By the way, tell these 4G smartphones at Rs 500 worth, telecom companies especially want to catch users who live in rural areas. The reason behind this is that the needs of urban consumers are always greater in the village.

Urban consumers want all the features, including the best camera, high-speed performance in their phones, and these cheapest smartphones will be fewer according to their needs, but rural consumers will hand over these cheap 4G smartphones.

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