Lenovo S Upcoming All Screen Smartphone Might Have 4TB Storage


Lenovo’s Phone will be able to save 1 Million Photos, 18 Patent Technologies

Bezel-Less Display mobile

Lenovo has hinted in his recent Tigers that the company is coming with a new device. This device is going to be quite different from other devices. According to teaser, Lenovo is about to come up with a full screen smartphone. In it the screen to body ratio will be as if it has not been seen in any device. That is, the company can in fact bring a full-screen smartphone.

The front of the phone will not even have a knock. With the recent teaser, it also shows that 4TB internal storage can be provided in the handset. Typically, having 1TB or more storage in smartphones is not a common issue. The flagship smartphones also get a maximum of 256GB of storage. However, some manufactures have reached TB.

Lenovo’s President Chang Cheng has hinted that this device can be Lenovo Z5 and can be given 4TB storage. Earlier, he had said that Z5 will bring major changes in the field of technology. There will be 18 patent technologies. Cheng’s latest teaser describes what users can do with 4TB storage. From this, 1 million photos can be saved, 12000 HD movies can be stored and 15000 music files can be saved. Lenovo can launch Z5 on June 14 in China.

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