Light will work on Smartphone with 52MP 9 Multi-Lens Camera


Smartphone with 52MP 9 Multi-Lens Camera

Light L16 52MP 16 Multi-Lens Camera

So far the trend of dual and triple rear camera was going on in the market, but it seems that smartphone manufacturers are not satisfied with this. Now a smartphone is going to be launched in which there will be one, two, not three but 9 cameras.
Yes, it is hard to believe, but the fact is that a company named Light is working on a 9-camera smartphone and this phone will soon be available in the market. According to media reports, the company named Light has shared the concept photo of the 9-camera smartphone.

There is a company named Light, which you can call startup. We had told you earlier about this company when the company launched the L16 camera with 16 lenses. This company is now preparing to come up with a 9-lens camera prototype of the smartphone.

This company has given the Washington Post a prototype of this smartphone, in which 9 lenses have been installed. Now the question is what will be the advantage of the 9-camera smartphone. Two and three camera smartphones are already in the market.

According to the Washington Post report, 9 lens setup can be shot up to 64 megapixels. According to the report, photography will be better in light and depth effects will also be better. This means that photography like entry level DSLR cameras can be done.

According to the report of the post, the company is working on several prototypes together with 5 to 9 rear camera setup. At the moment it is not clear whether the firm is developing or developing a smartphone in collaboration with another smartphone maker. This phone may arrive at the end of this year.

How will the 9-lens camera setup work?

All 9 lenses will be used to capture the subject related information. These include lighting, depth, color and other things. This photographic information will be processed through an algorithm for a superior photograph. It has been claimed in the report that the smartphone will be able to take pictures of 64 megapixels and the photos will be accompanied by a lot of lolight and depth effect. This smartphone can also replaces DSLR cameras.

Talk about the price, of course it would be an expensive device. The report says, “The 16-lens light camera can come with a price of $ 1,950.” Foxcon is one of the investors of this company. No information is available about when the smartphone will be launched. In the report, the handset has been claimed to be launched this year.

There is not enough time remaining for the 9-lens camera, while the companies are also working on smartphones with foldable display. According to the report of ET News, Samsung has started production of the Foldable Olead Display.

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