List of Best Budget Action Cameras & Camcorders of 2018


Action Cameras & Camcorders

For the common man, the meaning of the camera has remained confined to the mobile. I.e., the huge number of earlier cameras has been replaced by mobile cameras.


In such a situation, the question arises whether the phase of the action camera has passed. So we are going to tell you that the action camera still exists and nobody can take it in many places.

What is action camera?

Action cameras are made for places like sports, live events and adventure. These cameras offer great performance in real time, which can not be expected from smartphones and DSLRs.

What is the difference between action camera and DSLR-smartphone?

Action cameras are known for rough use. They can be used comfortably at those places, where you can not do DSLR and smartphone cameras.

How We Test Action Cameras.

We review action cameras based on a number of factors, including video and image quality, ease of use, features (including waterproofing) and value. In order to provide the most meaningful comparisons, we test cameras side-by-side, shooting at 1080p resolution and 60fps, when possible (some cameras can do only 30fps). We also shoot 4K videos from the cameras that support that resolution. We take the cameras biking, canoeing and running (among others), and see how they hold up in the elements.

List of Best Budget Action Cameras & Camcorders of 2018

  • Furper Xiaomi Mi

The device has a umbrella A12S75 chip set. The camera plays 4k recording. The device has a 2.4-inch display, its sensor works smoothly. The device has an anti-shake of 6 axis to keep the picture stable. Multi-shooting modes are given in the device.

  • GoPro Hero5

The camera is waterproof, it is designed to be rough. The camera has a sensor of 12 megapixels. With this camera you can do 4K recording comfortably. The camera captures the photo in a very short time. The camera can cover a range of 10 meters in the dark.


  • Yi 4K Action Camera

When the Yi 4K Action Camera first came out, it was touted as a much cheaper alternative to the GoPro Hero 4 Black. In many aspects it fulfilled a lot of that potential. Things have changed a little since the release of the excellent GoPro Hero 5 Black, but the Yi 4K Action Cam still makes for an excellent action camera for the money.

  • Ricoh WG-M1

The device has a 14-megapixel sensor. Many different modes are given in the camera, with the help of which you can record excellent quality.Underground Lens Protector WG Flat is provided in the device.

  • Sony HDR-AS50

The camera has a XMorR simos sensor, it gives the quality of the photo as a great one. The device has a jealous laser lens. The camera can do 4k video recording with fast speed.

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