Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 Video Game Review


Unlike Batman, Spiderman does not possess a high-tech vehicle that he can use to make errands across the city. Thus, the in-game swinging experience has to be top-notch, and with that being said, the developers did a fantastic job on that aspect in the 2018 version of Marvel’s Spider-Man for PS4. If web swinging doesn’t enthrall you enough, then how about a brand new Spider-Man story mingled with gadgets, suits, puns and abilities you unhitch as the story progress. Unleashing the 15-hour long adventure (excluding the DLC, of course) was an astounding experience, and is undoubtedly the game we would recommend whatsoever.


The story stems with you having to face masked thugs, before it introduces you to mightier rivals including Black Cat, Scorpion, and a huge range of destructive characters from the Spiderman comics and a couple of new ones too. It is so obvious that a Spider-man story without the irritating J. Johan Jameson and Mary Jane would be half-done, and thus they are introduced down the road doing exactly what they are good at. Interestingly, you get to be; and play as Mary Jane in various situations and let me tell you IT IS FREAKING FUN.

However, the gaming experience is smooth, with proper attention given to details, especially graphics but there are also patches that could haunt the user experience. The major chunk of the game consists of Spidy going hand in hand against random thugs on the street, finding landmarks and capturing them through the camera eye, matching electric circuits, solving puzzles, chasing pigeons; that add an additional 10-15 hours to the game. And also floods the map with icons that could be confusing for the player.


Furthermore, the focus on Peter-Mary relationship is also one thing that would leave many awwww as we always wanted them to be together forever. Peter and Mary Jane’s relationship constructs out a romantic thriller, as Insomniac has portrayed them as friends, co-workers, and eventually lovers as the story progress.

If you have been holding your breath until now for me to give you a glimpse into the action portion within the game, then trust me, words will not do justice to what the game has to offer as far as the action is concerned. From grabbing dustbins and randomly throwing them at their enemies to pinning enemies against the wall, the combat is engaging, smooth and satisfying. In addition, the slow-motion conflict adds to the aesthetics of the overall game.

Restricting ourselves from releveling much, we would recommend you to unleash the adventure on your own. The Spider-man PS4 story has that surprise factor, coupled with gameplay that made me feel like Spider-Man. In a nutshell, Peter Parker is no more a nerdy college going boy but a wall-crawler who has vowed to save the Manhattan city from the wrath of enemies.

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