Microsoft Hololens 2 Officially Announced At MWC 2019


Microsoft Hololens 2: Augmented Reality is making ways for futuristic technology from the past few years and taking many shapes day by day. Although Virtual Reality evolved so much over the years, Augmented Reality has a technological edge to connect with the world.

Microsoft Hololens 2

Microsoft has taken Augmented Reality to another level by launching its first ever Augmented Reality ‘Hololens’ a few years before. It is an AR headset that will visualize the media projections in reality in front of your eyes on the AR lens, instead of a display screen. The visualizations coming through AR are interactive, and one can feel them in the Augmented Reality. Developers and geeks are looking at this technology as a technological advancement in Augmented Reality. Microsoft Hololens 2 is way much ahead of its competition.

Despite being such advanced technology, there were many drawbacks and complaints against first generation Microsoft Hololens. Most of them had minimal Field of View which hampered the overall experience of Augmented Reality. The company has listened to everyone and has come up with the 2.0 version of Hololens. It has launched Hololens 2 in the Mobile World Congress 2019.
As per the presentation was given in the MWC 2019, Hololens 2 is lighter than the earlier version and offers three times greater comfort. It is made of carbon fiber material due to which new model is very lightweight. Hololens 2 also comes with ‘Eye tracking’ feature where movement of your eyeballs is detected to help while reading, such as a magazine or a newspaper. The demonstration of “Microsoft Hololens 2” says that It has instinctual interaction where the ‘Holograms’ are more interactive and responsive.

Along with Microsoft Hololens 2, Microsoft has unveiled a new Kinect device. With the help of this device, you can interact with the virtual world. Hololens 2 is priced at 3500 USD which translates to 2, 49,000 INR. One can purchase this device from official Microsoft stores.

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