Why Muscovado Sugar Is Healthier Than Normal Table Sugar


Muscovado Sugar Is Healthier Than Normal

Muscovado is the best deal when it comes to sweetness as it brings the goodness of sugar cane to your taste. As we all know that if we stop refining the natural product, we will be able to relish high nutritional benefits from all sorts of foods, even sweets!

Muscovado sugar is called as a natural, unrefined substitute to the brown sugar. It owes its stout flavour to the impurities that are exposed out of the refined sugars. Though molasses is the most nutritive portion of the sugar cane plant, Muscovado sugar is healthier than a normal table sugar.
Sarika Singh, COO, Dhampurgreen tells us about some of the unknown facts about Muscovado Sugar.

– Powerful nutrition 

Muscovado sugar got its label from the Spanish word ‘ Mascabado’ which means raw. Acknowledged as the ‘poor man’s sugar’ because of its uneven texture and unprocessed appearance, it is a common sweetener in South East Asia and South America, but hard to find in America.

Sugarcane is a grass form which is native to areas with warm to humid temperatures. Brazil is one of the major makers of sugarcane – surveyed by India.

– Muscovado sugar facts that may excite you! 

As sugarcane is a part of the ‘grass’ category in the plants; its juice has high energy which is equal to the wheatgrass juice with slightly less chlorophyll and greater sugar content. Going beyond the fact, sugarcane juice comprises about 15 percent sugar property, the rest of the juice involves liquid brimming with a richness of vitamins and minerals, such as chromium, calcium, copper, magnesium, cobalt, manganese, potassium, iron, phosphorous and zinc.

Sugarcane juice plays an important part in fighting cancer, helping in weight loss, reducing fever, avoiding tooth deterioration and maintaining the kidney and its function appropriately.

– Extraction process of muscovado sugar 

The extraction process of muscovado sugar is modest; the juice from the sugar cane is heated till it is condensed to 30 percent liquid, which will progressively thicken into a mushy consistency. This will then be dried up, and the toughened sugar will be crushed to produce Muscovado sugar morsels.

It deliverers the nutrient benefits, without using cruel chemical solutions, unlike white sugar which go through addition heating, purifying and bleaching steps that eradicates the nutritional property while adding damaging chemicals.

The Muscovado sugar, by Dhampur Green, has an intense brown colour, while being noticeably rougher and sultrier than the brown sugar. The flavour and colour of this sugar come from sugarcane juice. Not like the brown sugar, which is made up of white refined sugar with added molasses, Muscovado sugar has a wonderful taste and is also known as the cleanest kind of sugar.

Kilojoules, sugars content and GI rating for 7 sugars
with glucose powder and fructose powder as comparison
  (listed in descending order of GI value)

SugarkJ% sugarsGI
Glucose powder1700 97100
White sugar1700100 65
Caster sugar1700100 65
Icing sugar1700100 65
Raw sugar1700 99 65
Demerara sugar1690 99 65
Coffee crystals1690 99 65
Brown dark sugar1630 96 65
Fructose powder1700100 15


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