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You can find THOUSANDS per year to save on tax deductions when you have a side home business! Hear me out on this! I’m ALL about saving and keeping money 😉
I’m a money saving human ! I used to be a coupon queen spending 15 hours per week to SAVE MONEY until I realzied I could EARN MONEY through working on my own fitness goals and helping others.

These are top leaders on my team.
When you break it down, we are all moms, currenlty have or have had amazing professional careers, we have BIG goals and dreams on the sides of our current roles as moms and wives, we LOVE and aare SUPER PASSIONATE about living a fun, fit, healthy lifestyle, we LOVE helping other people discover their full potential in fitness and health and helping them create a fullfilling life they can walk around with confidence with, and lastly……we LOVE being business owners!
(BTW….we never started out as fit healthy moms….we started a business along side our fitness goals🙂

DID YOU KNOW, there are TONS of tax advantages to having a side business like this?
I mean, for me and Tom, this is our full time income, but for lots of people its simply an awesome EXTRA income and an incredible business to have on your side when it comes to taxes!

Think about it….
>>Can you currently write off your gym membership?
writing off your fitness tools, resources, equipment, membership and even supplements — what you talk about or share with others can be a write off!

>>Vacations (travel expenses, food, entertainment, etc..)
…..take your workouts with you, take your shakeology and other supplements with you and share them with the people you are around. Workout together, drink a shake together…….
You talked about it, you shared it….you may even gain a fun new fit friend and customer or team member with it….and you can write off portions of that vacation, maybe even the entire thing!!!

Here’s TRUTH…..if you don’t have a side business to help you when it comes to taxes……you are wasting money away!!!

I am not a CPA, so you should contact yours when it comes to the PLETHORA of business deductions and tax advantages,
but I know this….
having a business for the last several years has been PINNACLE to making our money WORK FOR US, vs. feeling STUCK and having to pay out a standard amount which is so painful.

PS. I have a Coach on my team who’s tax person just helped them find an additional $10k in deductions simply because she has a side business. She happens to be a professional in the health care industry with an awesome career path, but without this business on her side, there is NO WAY she would have been able to use that $10k to her advantage!

Are you getting me on this?
Am I making sense here?

So, I invite you to think about and reach out to me about joining my team as Coach.
>>>You will get:
– a 24/7 communtiy of amazing people to give you daily accountability, motivation and support on your fitness journey.

– we will help you and support yout to achieve your goals
– you will get an automatic 25% discount on everything (comes in handy for that shakeology and other supplements you will love)

– you get the tax deductions of owning a business and all of the amazing ways you can save;

Monthly cell phone service, internet service, cell phones, fitness clothes, intial sign up to be a Coach, your beachbody on demand, trips, meals, entertainment…….THE LIST GOES ON!
– you can earn 25% commissions and even more when you help other people get started on a health and fitness journey
– free vacations when you help a few people every month
need I list out all of the other advantages?!?!

I think you get the point here.

So, WHY wouldn’t you?

You can reach out to me here to inquire about joining my top Beachbody coaching team THIS MONTH and start adding up your tax savings every month for next years taxes.

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