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Apple iOS 12 Features


During the Apple WWDC (World Wide Developer Conference), the company announced iOS 12. As expected this performance has been preferred in iOS this time. Apple Software Vice President also said that in iOS 12 we are doubling performance.

However, many changes have been made in addition to performance. These include features such as notifications, face time and screen time. The next 12 months will see the beta build of iOS 12.

iOS 12 changes

  • Screen Time

This time Google has brought a similar feature to Android P, in which the users will know how long the screen has been used. It also has some time for which app is used. In iOS 12, this feature has been given to improve Tech Life, which will tell you the length of which app you are using or which app is sending the most notifications.

  • Grop Notifications

iPhone users are quite troubled at times due to their different notifications. While resolving this issue, Apple has announced to bring Group Notification in iOS 12. Notifications for one app will appear in one place and you’ll now also have the option to mute notifications.

  • Group Festime

Apple’s own video chatting app now offers group calling support in the FaceTime. At one time 32 people will be able to talk. It will now also support in MacOS. Users will be able to send animosity and memosy even during calling.

  • Emoji Look Like Yours – Memoji

In iOS 12, users will create their personal Avtar, which is called Memoji. In it, skin tones, hairstyles and outfits can be set in your own right. Let us tell you that similar feature Samsung had also introduced with Galaxy S9.

  • New Animations with Tight Detection

For the first time with Apple’s iPhone X, Apple launched Animosity, now with iOS 12, a new feature has been added. First it used to detect face and facial expression, but now it will detect your speech so that you can copy it.

  • More Apps will Support Siri

Siri’s popularity has fallen, it is not hidden from anyone, yet Apple has claimed that Siri is the world’s most popular digital accessory. Now with the iOS 12, third party apps will also be supported. Apart from this, many more features have also been added.

  • Photos

There will also be changes in the photo app in iOS 12. Here you will find the search induction feature. Along with this, the Add New For You tab is also connected. Sharing will also be available and the company has given many other big features to compete with Google Photos.

Apart from these, better ogmanded reality experiences, Major Apps based on this technology, features such as shortcut apps, including Apple News, have been given and many changes have been made in the existing features.

  • These Features, Which Were Not Yet

Along with this, the voice memo has been enhanced, which will make it easier to use.
Car Play will also support third-party navigation apps in iOS 12.
iBooks have also been updated and now they will come in the name of Apple Books.
Mismo’s feature has been added in messaging, which will emoji personalize. This allows users to create their own emoji.

Which devices will get iOS 12?

Launching the iOS 12 on Monday, the company said on Monday that the new OS will be available for all devices that support iOS 11. This means that all iPhones with the iPhone 5S will also get iOS 12 updates.

Disclaimer. We can not guarantee that the information on this page is 100% correct.


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