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CraZy JaR can provide you best option to earn online with easy and genuine process. By the help this 5 sites you can earn online by your own knowledge and talent. And you can spread your knowledge and talent all over the world And you can work anywhere you want if you need any type of other help contact us we will always ready to help you. Because of your support we start our blog.

Earn Online Money tips

  1. MOUTH SHUT : MouthShut can pay you when you can review on any product or services. In mouthshut you can see various categories and you can chose your category and review on any product. Just create your account and start earning online.It is a easy process to earn money online. It’s free to create account.


  2. FIVERR : can provide you a global marketplace, online outsourcing worldwide. Beginning cost of Fiverr cost of $5 per job performed, from which it gets its name. Fiverr provide facilities the buying and selling of micro jobs online. Let’s spread your work all over the world and get good amount of money. It’s free to create account.


  3. YOUTUBE : YouTube can provide you to platform to upload your video by making your own channel and link  your account to AdSense.
    You can make your video on any topic which you like and spread your knowledge and talent all over the world. It’s free to create account.


  4. BLOG OR WEBSITE : Blog or Website can provide you platform to spread your knowledge al over the world on any topic. You can easily create your website or blog on WordPress with large amount of Themes in various category. You can link your Website and BLog with AdSense and Affiliate account na d earn money by the help of advertisements. Let’s Start and spread your knowledge and talent all over the world. It’s free to create account.

    Blog and Website

  5. AFFILIATE : In Affiliate you can create your account and you are the partner of online shopping sites. In this shopping sites give you percentage on selling products by your affiliate  link. You can also share your link on your website , blog, youtube or by messages etc. And earn the large amount of money online. It’s free to create account.

    Affil;ate marketing for earn onlline money


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