Personal data stealing Chinese Hackers via WhatsApp : Army


Personal data stealing Chinese Hackers via WhatsApp : Army

Global cyberattack

Indian Army has warned WhatsApp users to be alert. This warning has been given to social media platforms. Indian army says that Chinese hackers are targeting Indian users to extract their personal information.

Indian Army released video 

The Indian Army recently released a video on the microblogging site Twitter. In this, he has asked people to make use of whatsapp safely. Tweeted with the official account of the Indian Army AGDPI (Additional Directorate General of Public Interface), which states – ‘Be alert, stay safe. Indian Army Social Media encourages fair and systematic account. Hacking is on the horizon, for those who are inattentive. Always check your social media. Be careful about personal and group accounts, stay safe. ‘

A tweeted video from AGDPI states- “Chinese is using many platforms to use your digital world. Whatsapp Group is a new way of hacking into your system. ”

The army gave these advice

Let me tell you, even four months ago, the army had warned its soldiers for the use of many apps including Whatsapp. The Army has advised users to check their accounts periodically and be cautious. People have asked to see that no group has added any number from +86 to their group. The army says, “The hacked information from this group is being given to Chinese hackers.”

The Army has advised mobile users to be more vigilant while changing their mobile numbers. The army has said – “If you change your SIM then destroy the old SIM completely.”

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