Realme 1 To Be Launched By Oppo And Amazon on With AI Technology


RealMe 1 To Be Launched By Oppo And Amazon

Oppo Realme 1

Amazon India and Chinese company Oppo have jointly launched a new brand Reality. According to the company, this brand will be introduced on May 15, the first smartphone Realme 1, which will be sold exclusively on Amazon. A teaser of the new brand Reality is also running on Amazon, in which a new smartphone is seen with Black Diamond Finish. Its rear side can be similar to Oppo’s mirror 5 Smartphone launched in 2015.

Oppo says that it is common to break up due to repeated use of smartphones. However, its bad effects should not fall on your smartphone experience. With 20,000 drop and USB tests and 100,000 button tests, Realtime has been tested in every aspect so that users can get a better quality smartphone for use.

With this, more than 500 Autorised Service Centers and in most cases with just one hour of service guarantee, Reyamy assures you that your precious time will not be bad.

Will Work on Artificial Intelligence

  • Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology has been used. With the help of which, all the things will automatically manage according to the need of the mobile.
    AutoManage AI system will work everywhere – from battery, camera to processor.
  • For example, if you have a phone battery and you are looking at a video, AI will automatically divert the battery usage to the video function by reducing or shutting down the battery protection of another source.
  • Many companies are using AI in the phone camera, but OPPO claims Realme 1 will be the BE best.

Diamond Cutting Finishing

  • OPPO is giving diamond cutting finish finishing for the first time in the back of a smartphone. There will be 4 color combinations in it.
  • According to features, the price of this phone is not being told much. However, its final prize has not been announced yet.
  • Advance processor and RAM will get the best combinations for high performance, but there is still suspense on the confixture of both.

Realme 1’s Quality Test

  • On this phone, the company has tested 10 thousand drop tests, 10 thousand times the USB test and 1 million times the button.
  • Realme 1 phone is being priced between 10 thousand and 20 thousand. The company has not given any details about this.
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