Recover the WhatsApp account by adopting these tips on theft or lost the phone


Recover the WhatsApp Account

Losing or stolen phones is no less than a nightmare of today’s time. Phone data, bank account details, digital wallet, photos, chat, email all these things can be in any wrong hands. Losing the phone means losing many of your information. In such a case, if your phone is lost, it is important to note that your phone’s data can not be stolen.


We are going to tell you about the ways in which you can recover your WhatsApp account after the phone is lost.

  • Lock SIM

Call your mobile service provider first when the phone is stolen. After this, no one will be able to authenticate your account. It is also important to do this because any call or message is necessary for your phone to be connected to an account. These accounts are connected to your number. If you deactivate your number, then all accounts will stop working.

  • Run your account on the second handset

After sim lock, you can run your WhatsApp account on the other handsets. It is important that you activate the second SIM of your phone number. Here’s the point of note that whatsats work on one number at a time.

  • Get help from the Whatsapp Team

If you lose your phone, you can use another method. You can e-mail the WhatsApp team. Keep in mind that ‘Lost / stolen: Deactivate my account’ in the subject of your e-mail. Be sure to write your mobile number in the subject after the text. Remember to write your country’s code at the beginning of the mobile number. Remember that the number you entered into the smartphone was inter-connected.

  • Therefore, the help of the Whatsapp Team 

Whatsapp account can be accessed with the help of Wi-Fi. No SIM card is needed when WiFi is available. Therefore, it is necessary to deactivate your account by mailing the WhitSpe team. Within 30 days of deactivation of account by the WhatsApp team, you can activate it back, but after 30 days your account will be deleted for all time. During the time that your account will be deactivated, your message will remain pending and it will be delayed forever after 30 days.So you can save the contact of your phone on Google Drive in advance.

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