Reliance Jio Free Service Extended Till June


Reliance Jio Free Service Extended Till June


Relaince jio

The Mukesh Ambani company is breaking every bone in the market. Right from the launch of Jio, it is ahead in the game. While many disown the services, the favored are huge.
The 4G VoLTE carrier is going to stay free for next 5 months too. This news brought another exciting wave. There is still no confirmation though. Earlier Jio free service was extended from December 2016 to March 2017.

Now, things are getting better and better. We do not know what the motive of Jio Sim providers is. The continuous changes in the free service also looks fishy.

The rates after the free service ends are also phenomenal. There is no other telecom that gives such cheap data charges. After March, 2017 a nominal charge of INR 100 will be charged. If paid the sim will become free for next 3 months again.

Reliance Jio Free Service Is Extending.

Relaince jio

The Jio Sim response broke records. It scored over 50 millions users in just three months. After 4 months, it is now boasting with 7.2 crore consistent users. No other telecom ever achieved such success.The economic experts are welcoming the new offer warmly.

With every move, Reliance Jio is becoming more lovable. People are now beginning to shift permanently to single sim of Jio. Though, there are still many improvements going on in the service. The network strength is increasing. Data speed is getting richer. We hope this will bring an inspiring revolution in our Telecom world.

The other telecom companies are reducing their package rates too. But, they are still struggling to get any near Jio. The Jio sim is ahead of the game with pride.




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