Reliance Jio Phone pre-booking to start from tomorrow for Rs 500


Reliance Jio Phone pre-booking 

Pre-booking for Reliance Jio Phone starts 5 pm Thursday for Rs 500 booking amount while the rest Rs 1,000 has to be paid at the time of delivery in September

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The pre-booking of Reliance Jio Phone will start for Rs 500 across Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd’s retail stores, the website and the Jio App from 5pm on Thursday, according to a message sent out by the telecom firm.

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“India Ka Smartphone is finally here! Pre-booking for Jio Phone starts tomorrow August 24 at 5 pm,” an SMS sent to a Jio customer read. A leading channel partner of Reliance Retail, which did not wish to be named, said the messages are being sent to all those who have registered their interest in Jio Phone.

“As announced by Reliance Industries CMD (Mukesh Ambani), Jio Phone will be given against payment of fully-refundable deposit of Rs 1,500. Customers will be able to book Jio Phone for Rs 500 and the balance Rs 1,000 can be paid at the time of delivery in September. The total amount will be refunded after 36 months when the customer returns the phone,” the partner said.

Ambani had announced that voice calling for customers of the “effectively free” Jio Phone would be always free and they would get unlimited data for a month against payment of Rs 153.

Reliance Jio has also announced a weekly plan for Rs 53 and a two-day plan for Rs 23 for unlimited data access.

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Jio Phone, which can be operated by speaking out instructions to dial, type messages and the like will come with preloaded Jio apps for messaging and entertainment. The phone can be connected with television sets for watching live TV using the Jio TV app. The phone will also include some of the popular instant messaging and social networking apps, the channel partner said.

“Despite anticipation that the phone will hold higher appeal among rural users, retailers from urban centres are aggressively placing orders for the phone. In spite of the floods in Bihar, it is one of the top states where retailers are anticipating high demand for the Jio Phone,” the partner added.

Reliance Retail has a target of making available 50 lakh units of the Jio Phone every week from September.


First, On the JioPhone, voice will ALWAYS be free.

Second, to enable a Digital Life, they need access to DATA at affordable rates. Jio will give them access to UNLIMITED DATA on the JioPhone.

Third, Jio will provide free voice and unlimited data at ONLY Rs 153 per month. That is one-thirtieth the price at existing industry standards.

Fourth, In order to fit every pocket, we are also introducing 2 sachets…A weekly plan for Rs. 53 and a 2 day plan for Rs 23, that provide similar value.

Fifth, the JioPhone comes pre-loaded with the Jio suite of apps for messaging, entertainment, etc. especially Jio TV which features more than 400 live TV channels as well as JioMusic and JioCinema, which give access to the latest in entertainment in multiple regional languages. It will also include some of the most popular instant messaging and social networking apps, to ensure consumers continue to enjoy the best services.

How to buy or book Jio Phone online

  1. Go to Jio Phone booking site
  2. Click ‘Keep me posted’ on Jio Phone banner.
  3. Register your Interest as Individual or Business.
  4. Fill the complete form and submit.
  5. On 24th August, You’ll be invited to pre book Jio Phone for free.
  6. The delivery of Jio phone will start in September 2017.

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