Sarahah app is going viral, and here is everything you need to know about it


Sarahah app is going viral, and here is everything you need to know about it


  • Sarahah is an anonymous messaging app
  • You can send messages even without logging in
  • There are concerns of cyberbullying in this anonymous setting
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What is Sarahah?

Sarahah is an anonymous messaging service. Once a user registers, they can give the link to their friends or post it publicly online and anyone with that link can send them anonymous messages. The recipient has no way of knowing who posted the message or responding to it in any way.

Sarahah used to only exist as be a website created by the Saudi Arabian developer Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq. It had a very simple purpose — it allowed employees to post anonymous feedback to their employers. It gave a voice to those who had something to say, but never spoke up for fears that they could be fired.

Later on, Tawfiq thought that this concept could apply on a personal level too, with friends and acquaintances anonymously giving feedback to each other. That part of the website is what actually made it popular in the Middle East and Africa. However, a little more was needed for it to take off in the West.

On June 13 this year, Tawfiq released an app version of Sarahah on both the iOS App Store and Google Play, and it spread like wildfire, entering the Top Three Free apps on both platforms in no time. This surge in popularity was also aided by the app’s Snapchat integration, which made it far easier for teens to use. And where there are anonymous teens, there is trouble.


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How to use the Sarahah app?

Now that you know about the app and understand its risks, let’s explain how you can use it.
First step to become a Sarahah user and fool your friends, and confess something to someone is to install the application. If you’re an Android user, you can get hold of the app on Google Play Store, iOS users can download it from App Store. Upon installing the application, you now need to register with email ID, password, and name. You are now good to go. After creating an account with the Sarahah app, you can directly share the link to your Sarahah profile with Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media platform to let your friends know.

Now that your friends now know you are on Sarahah, they’ll send you an anonymous message, and all you’ll get to see is the message. There’ll be no name, no information about the sender anywhere. Similarly, you can also send messages to your friends. You can only receive the message and can’t reply to in anyway. However, it seems Sarahah will get that feature soon, as the websites state, “You can’t respond to messages now. We are studying this option.”

Note: The person you want to send the message via Sarahah must have installed the application. All you now need to do is type a message and send. This app is addictive. But, given that it is an app for fun, and should be used diligently without harming anyone.

Why Sarahah Went Viral ?

The concept seems quite unique. There’s no other application or platform that lets you receive honest feedback anonymously from friends or colleagues. And the concept of anonymity seems to be the reason why the app has gone viral across India and the world. It also functions on the same rationale as Facebook – which is the urge to instantly share our lives online and the need to know what’s happening with those around us. That’s what has come to be known on the internet as “social voyeurism”. It also perhaps explains why people would want to share anonymous feedback about themselves on social networks.

When it comes to user privacy, Saraha’s website claims that “it won’t disclose the identity of the logged-in senders to users except with their consent”.

Over the past few weeks, the application has consistently ranked as one of the top apps on both Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store. In fact, it’s currently the top free app on iPhones in India.

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