Your SIM card locked or lost By the help of this app can call


SIM card locked or lost

If your SIM card has stopped working then there is nothing to worry about. Now you can call any SIM card without any number.

Aadhaar Card

We’re talking about Google Apps, which lets you make SIM calls without any help. There are also many websites online, where you can make free calls.

  • Go to your PC or smartphone’s browser and type in Reveal Name in the Google Search section.
  • Click on the option that will appear at the top of the intermediate.
  • You’ll see a website. In this website, a phone will appear, click on the Look Up option.
  • Here many countries and their codes will appear, choose your country in
  • After selecting the country, type the number you want to call in the search option.
  • After typing number, a call button will appear in green below, click this button.
  • Phone will connect when clicking on call button There is also a specialty that the front will not see your number.

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