Skype Lite now allows users to send messages through SMS


Skype Lite now allows users to send messages through SMS


  • Skype Lite is getting smart SMS integration
  • It can pull up important information from your texts
  • The company says it is using machine learning models for this


Microsoft has unveiled a new feature for the Skype Lite app which allows users to send text messages through SMS to contacts. Skype Lite aims to offer a viable solution for instant messaging to users who are constrained to use slower networks.

Skype Lite is not the only app that supports SMS. Facebook Messenger has already provided to the feature to users across various operating systems. However, Microsoft has taken a step further ahead and has introduced SMS Insights. The feature bundles up all the useful information from all the messages. Skype Lite extract useful information from all the SMS messages received by the user. Microsoft has stated that it is using machine learning to complete the task. Microsoft stated, “We created SMS Insights for Skype Lite with the Indian market needs in mind. We know users in India receive a vast quantity of information via SMS, and it is very easy to miss important information or due dates. The new SMS Insights feature is built to help”. Microsoft also claims that user’s privacy is unharmed, “Microsoft does not read your SMS messages or store your SMS data on the servers. In addition, SMS Insights is enabled for users, only after they give SMS permission to Skype Lite app,” the company added. Skype Lite was launched earlier this year however it now gets the ability to manage SMS messages. The SMS feature is currently available to Skype Lite Android users in India only.

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