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Super Computer in India

India’s Super computer program started in 1980s as a result of cray computers denied for import due to an arms embargo imposed on India. 1st supercomputer of India is PARAM 8000 was launched on July 1, 1991 (made by C-DAC). it was indigenously in-built 1991 by c-dac (Center for Development of Advance Computing). we have multiple of Supercomputers in india.

Super Computer in India

Best Supercomputers in india:

  • PARAM (Made by C-DAC)
  • Aditya (Made by IBM)
  • Tifr Bosan (Made by TIFFR)
  • hpc (Made by IIT DELHI)

PARAM Supercomputer

When Cray Supercomputers denied to import due to arm embargo imposed on india. When we decide to start a program to develop indigenous supercomputers and supercomputing technology.These supercomputer were also capable of assisting in development of nuclear weapon. The center for development of advance computing (C-DAC) was setup in 1988 by department of electronics and the director of C-DAC is DR. Vijay Bhatankar. The project givien to initial 3 years and in the final we have get our first supercomputer of india PARAM 8000(Parllar Machine) in 1991. For this project used initial funding 300,000,000/-.

param have multiple of versions. We get the latest version of Supercomputer param in 2017 which called PARAM YUVA 2.

ADITYA Supercomputer

AADITYA is an IBM iDataPlex indian Supercomputer. Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology Pune, has a machine with a teoretical peak of 790.7 teraflop/s, called Aaditya, which used for climate research and operational forecasting. Its ranked 96th in highest Indian Supercomputers among the world’s top 500 Supercomputers launched in JUNE, 2003. AADITYA uses IBM’s General Parallel file system(GPFS) to manage its parallel file system.The operating System on AADITYA RedHat Enterprises Linux Server. The Operating system supports 64-bit software.

TIFR BOSAN Supercomputer

Tata Institute of Fundamental Research launched an Indian Supercomputer BOSAN in 2014. This Supercomputer is the product of Cray. We have also known this supercomputer by name is CRAY – XC30. The Cray XC30 is a massively parallel Supercomputer based on Intel Xeon processor and Nvidia Kepler graphics Processors connected by the Cray Aries InterConnect.

ILGTI’s Version of the XC30 contains 476 nodes, each with an Intel Xeon E5-2680 chip with 2.8 GHz 10 core CPU and a 2688 core Nvidia Kepler CPU.It reached a peak of 730.00 TFlops and gave a sustained performance of 558.7 TFlops in the benchmark test.

This Supercomputer  ranked 3th in highest Indian Supercomputers among the world’s top 500 Supercomputers at number 114 launched in JUNE, 2015.

HPC Supercomputer

HPC Supercomputer was First announce back in 2014 will massively OutPerform existing technology, by placeing extra reliance on memory to perform calculation, with less dependence on computer processors.

The prototype system currently uses 8 TeraBytes of Memory in total – about 30 times the amount of conventional server might hold, and 100 of times more memory than the amount of RAM a typical consumer computer would have.

Memristor Technology is still being developed, but with HP hoping for a commercial release of the machine technology sometime in 2018 or 2019, its possible by than working memristors will be ready.

The HPC Supercomputer current prototype shares a whopping 160 between 40 nodes, making it the largest- memory system in the world using Non- Volatile Memory (NVM).

“We belive memory- driven computing is the solution to move the technology industry forward in a way the can enable advancements across all aspects of society,” same mark potter, CTO at HPE.”The architechry we have unveild can be applied to every computing catogory- from intelligent edge devices to SuperComputers“.

India’s Rank in Top500

CountryTotal Rmax
Total Rpeak
Number of systems
in Top 500
United States228,032,809327,303,955171
United Kingdom27,602,59631,682,36913
Saudi Arabia9,577,66412,798,1475
Korea, South5,679,7257,597,8514
Czech Republic1,457,7302,011,6411
New Zealand1,372,7512,208,0003


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