These 5 Countries Has Made Their Unique Identity in Terms of Technology


Unique Identity in Terms of Technology

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We are going to tell you about the 5 countries whose technology is believed to be the whole world. So know the names of these countries and this is also what is special here.

  • United States of America

In terms of technology, America is at the forefront of any other country in the world. This is the only NASA center in the country, where large scientists from around the world do their tests. The Internet was born in America only. Apart from this, America is the only country to bring GPS (Global Positioning System) first in the world. Apart from this, Google is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, USA, headquarter of giant companies like Facebook, Apple.

  • Japan

Japan is known for its technologies like nuclear technology, robotics, photography and transport. Companies such as Japan’s Sony, Canon, Nintendo, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Toyota and Honda have considered their technique to be iron all over the world. Japan comes in countries whose reliability of technology persists in the whole world.

  • Israeli

The little Israelis are known throughout the world for their modern technology. Israel is famous for its satellite, military and citizen drones, medicine and self driving. Apart from this, its ‘futuristic’ technique makes it different and special from any other country in the world.

  • India

India has always been ahead in the field of technology and science. Whether it is mathematics or theory of surgery, India has given the world many formulas and techniques. Today, India is known throughout the world for IT, accounting and customer service.

  • China

China has got a different identity in the manufacturing sector. China introduced things like printing press, gunpowder, paper and cartography.

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