Things Every Solo Traveller Must Carry


Things Every Solo Traveller Must Carry

5 Things Every Solo Traveller Must Carry

Travelling solo? Make the adventurous activity safer by equipping yourself with a comfortable shoes, first aid kit, luggage tracker and more.
So I feel better when I pack wisely, saving money on checked baggage fees and carrying essentials on the plane that I won’t have to buy onboard.

If you’re going on a long trip (6 hours+) you need to be prepared. Here are 5 items you absolutely must have in your carry-on bag

5 Things Every Solo Traveller Must Carry

1. First aid kit

First aid kit

It is so much important you take your medicine and first aid kit because unhealthy or unhygienic situation or the environment indifferent places. a woman or a man traveler, to carry a first aid kit along with them.

2. Comfortable shoes

shoes travling

You can never forget a nice pair of sports shoes sandals or sneakers. It is, therefore, mandatory to pack a nice pair of comfortable shoes to fight the exhaustion caused as an after effect of travelling. They will save  your energy and keep you from going into the snooze mode.

3. Portable battery charger 

This is an most important gadget that you can carry with you Portable battery charger and power bank for emergency .
When you are traveling and looking, chances are you will be taking photos and using a lot of information than you normally do, which may leave your battery dry. Save yourself the stress and invest in a portable charger.

4. Map and compass

Map and compass

A map and compass is necessary to take with you because by the help of this you can easily go anywhere and survive easily without any problem.if you loose your self and no one near you and no gps with you , in this condition Map and compass can help you to go in right direction.

5. Luggage monitor

Luggage monitor

In the condition you lost your luggage . you will agree that a luggage tracker is a worthy investment by the help of this small device you can easily track your luggages anywhere your mobile phone works, and even receive text messages upon landing at your destination that provide you with a warning to the standing and location of your belongings.

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